SquadFest 2024 Booth Reservations


    Until March 31st, 10x10 booths will cost $800, and 10x20 booths will cost $1,400. After March 31st, the price will increase to $1,000 for 10x10 booths and $1,600 for 10x20 booths. If you are interested in a larger space, please send an email to ashur@divebombindustries.com.

    Each booth will be tented and include tables (1 table for a 10x10 booth, 2 tables for a 10x20 booth) and chairs (2 chairs for a 10x10 booth, 4 chairs for a 10x20 booth). You are responsible for table coverings, appropriate signage, and a WiFi hotspot if needed.

    Our cancellation policy will allow for a 50 percent refund if canceled by March 31, 2024.

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