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Crane Silhouette Bag

-Holds 5 dozen fully assembled Crane Silhouettes
-Tough cordura material
-Heavy Duty clasps
-Collapses flat to 2 inches
-Structured walls to remain open when loading
-Padded strap with ebroidered logo
-Length 48in X Width 8in X Height 35in


Big Bag, Big Quality.


Finally a bag custom tailored to our Crane Silos. This bag comfortably holds 5 dozen Crane Silhouette Decoys. This bag is big in size and equally big on quality! The bag features XPE foam wrapped with ever tough cordura material. The XPE foam gives the bag added padding for damage resistance and most of all structure to keep the bag open when loading and unloading. All seams are wrapped with nylon strapping and stitched for increased strength. A "trap door" feature in the bottom of the bag allows the bag to collapse for easy storage when empty. When collapsed, the bag will easily fit under your layout blind- surprisingly enough padding your seat. Wide nylon shoulder strap with an embroidered pad are sure to be easy on your shoulder when you have to take the long way in. When the bag is full, close the lid, click clasps and store for your next hunt.



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