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Decoy Anchors

-Available in 30" inch length 3 ounce, 48" inch length 4 ounce, & 48" inch length 6 ounce
-Custom molded "A-Bomb" anchor
-PVC coated, stainless steel cable
-Oversized Carabiner
-Fully Assembled
-Zero Memory
-Will not tangle or kink
-Built to withstand the test of time

30" 3 oz $30/1 dz or $135/5 dz

48" 4 oz $35/1 dz or $160/5 dz

48" 6 oz $40/1 dz or $180/5 dz

60" 8 oz $50/1 dz or $225/5 dz
72" 4 oz $40/1 dz or $180/5 dz
72" 6 oz $45/1 dz or $200/5 dz

These anchors are THE BOMB!

If you want a top of the line, fully assembled and ready for use, texas style decoy rig then look no further. We spared no expense in the materials and quality in our rig construction. Our cables are stainless steel, to prevent the onset of rust, and then coated with PVC. Our PVC color is a proprietary green which we hand selected to disguise the cables from the air by discerning fowl. Quickly and easily attach or detach your decoys to our oversized and black coated swivel. And finally, all held down by a weight custom molded from a 3D design spawned from the ever popular DB Logo- the "A-Bomb Anchor!" 


The design of our anchor increases drag thus increasing staying power for your decoys on extremely windy days or in strong currents. Reduced weight and increased drag equals a greater effectiveness per ounce.  Stop carrying and paying for more weight than needed!

Each dozen rigs comes with an oversized carabiner to hold them all together. The oversized carabiner also allows for easily handling with gloves or just plain old larger hands. 


Texas style rigs and their ease of use, rapid deployment and pick up, are the most effective and easy way to rig your floaters. Our rigs do not tangle and are built to withstand the test of time. The A-Bomb decoy rigs are guaranteed to surpass your expectations! 





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