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Retriever Training Bumpers

-11" long x 2.5" wide
-Easy grip surface texturing

-Ball grip rope end for longer throws and compatibility with the Bumper Bomber 4800
-High strength nylon throw rope
-Aqua valve adjustability to achieve any weight desired for throwing distance
-Aqua valve
adjustability to lower ride height in the water for more difficult retrieves
-Multiple color options for any training
situation (white, black/white, orange, gray,
and yellow) 

$9.50/each or $49/6-pack

Work Hard Now To Save Steps Later

Introducing the most adjustable, versatile dog bumper you’ve ever seen! The Dive Bomb Industries Dog Bumper comes in all of the standard color options of white, black/white, orange, gray, and yellow, and an 11X2.5" measurement, but that’s where the similarities stop!


The aqua valve adjusts to keep the bumper hollow and full of air, or you can add water to increase weight and the ability to throw the bumper great distances and/or decrease the ride height in the water for advanced retriever training. Each bumper is assembled with rope and ball grip and is compatible with the Bumper Bomber 4800, so you will be able to launch your bumper into the next county!


Dogs have limited vision because their eyes possess only two types of cones that can only discern blue and yellow. This limited color perception is called dichromatic vision. Check out our retriever training suggestions below on how to properly utilize the various colors and step up your game with the Dive Bomb Industries Dog Bumpers!


White - It is extremely visible to your retriever, especially against a dark background. White is an excellent choice for running water marks, land marks, pile work, and teaching drills.


Black/White - The best of both worlds! Against a dark background, you have a light contrast, and against a light background, you have a dark contrast. Thrown in the air against a light sky, the black will be visible to your retriever, and when it hits the ground, the white will be visible. The black will be less visible on water, but the white will show up. 


Orange - The orange will be highly visible to the handler, but will not be visible to your retriever in training scenarios. This is a great color to practice running blind retrieves. Also, once there is plenty of saliva on the bumper or artificial scent, you can use orange in deep cover to help teach a dog to hunt cover and use their nose.


Gray - This is a solid all-purpose intermediate bumper for running drills and teaching blinds. Whether you are teaching the T handling drills or identifying the pile, retrievers will lock on and focus on this color nicely. Shadows and tree lines will make this color slightly more difficult to identify than white. Gray also makes a nice choice for training in snow cover.


Yellow - This is a highly underutilized color that will be a valuable addition to your retriever training arsenal. Yellow is one of the easiest colors for dogs to distinguish, which makes this color an excellent alternative to use the same way you use your white bumpers, but give your retriever a different look. Yellow is a great choice for training on green grass!


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