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 Canada Goose Floater Decoys

(Bags featured in some images sold separately)

What accessories do I need?


-Flocked heads
-One piece, ultra tough blended plastic material
-High quality paints for superior retention
-Oversized for maximum visibility
-Self-righting weighted keels that provide insanely realistic movement
-3 active and 3 uprights
-Ultra-realistic, aesthetically flawless poses and feather detail 

Limited Quantity Available!

$185/6-pack or $700/2 dz

Guaranteed to cause a SPLASH!

From the anatomically perfect swimming postures to the hyperrealisitic feather detail & color, World Champion carver Jon Jones has outdone himself once again with the brand new F1 Canada Floaters. No detail was spared in making the most complete Canada goose floater to ever hit the water. From the giants to the cacklers and all subspecies in between, the F1's will fool even the wariest, most pressured Canada geese, as well as other species of ducks and geese. We are confident that our quality will surpass your expectations, guaranteed.

No more heads falling off, the 1 piece F1's feature a virgin (not re-grind) blend of HDPE & LDPE plastic material that is super tough & built to withstand the grind. Unmatched detail & coloration with ultra-high quality paint for a lasting finish with superior retention. At 22" long, the size of these Canada floaters makes them perfect combination for visibility and convenience. Our self-righting keels are perfectly balanced to provide insanely realistic movement on the water in even the slightest breeze. The best part is this also means no more throwing out decoys just to have to walk out out & flip them back over.

The professional flocking application of perfect lines around the chest, beak, and eyes of these decoys is unlike anything you have ever seen. Top quality adhesive, preparation of adhesion surfaces, and durable fibers create a finish that POPS for years of use on the water. These Canada goose floaters are built to take a serious beating and not lose any believability!




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