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Mallard Floater Decoys

-One piece, ultra tough blended plastic material
-High quality paints for superior retention
-Oversized for maximum visibility
-Self-righting weighted keels that provide insanely realistic movement
-2 high-head drakes, 2 skimmer drakes,

2 active drakes, 2 rester drakes, 2 active hens, & 2 rester hens/dozen
-6 ultra-realistic, aesthetically flawless poses (entire body, not just the head)/dozen.


(Bags featured in some images sold separately)

What accessories do I need?

$175/1 dz or $450/3 dz

Taking realism to another level!

No detail was spared in the making of the most realistic & anatomically correct mallard floaters on the market. From the Pacific Flyway to the Atlantic, & the prairie pothole region in between, the F1's will fool even the wariest, most pressured mallards, as well as other species of ducks. We are confident that our quality will surpass your expectations, guaranteed.

No more heads falling off, the 1 piece F1's feature a Virgin (not re-grind) blend of HDPE & LDPE plastic material that is super tough & built to withstand the grind. Unmatched detail & coloration with ultra-high quality paint for a lasting finish with superior retention. These mallard floaters are a large, true to life size (see sizes below), but still only 1.5 lbs each & tough as nails. Our self-righting keels are perfectly balanced to provide insanely realistic movement on the water in even the slightest breeze. The best part is this also means no more throwing out decoys just to have to walk out out & flip them back over.

While our competitors only offer different head positions on the same body per dozen, the F1's feature SIX completely unique carvings by World Champion Jon Jones, of not just the head, but the entire body, to give your spread the most realistic look possible. This huge variety will make your OCD hunting buddy's head explode. He'll go crazy not knowing which ones to reposition!

Our goal is not to reinvent the wheel with these decoys, but to create a practical, extremely high quality decoy approved by seasoned waterfowlers at an unbeatable, direct-to-consumer price. The market has never seen decoys of this quality at this price. They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Well, that old saying has officially been laid to rest!

Upright - 16.5" Tail to Bill

Skimmer - 20.5" Tail to Bill

Active - 16" Tail to Bill

Rester - 16.5" Tail to Bill





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