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Multi-Beam Headlamp

What else do I need?

-Tough aviation-grade aluminum alloy body
-Water-resistant construction
-5 ultra-bright light modes
-Overcharge and over-discharge protection circuits
-IPX4 waterproof rating
-Protected USB Type C charge port
-160 degree rotating headband mount
-Powered by lithium battery (included) or
3 AAA's using adapter (included)





As waterfowlers, we subject ourselves to early mornings and late evenings in extreme weather conditions that wreak havoc on equipment. A quality headlamp is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for those pre-dawn hours when setting the spread or picking up after dark.


The Torch is an insanely bright 1000lm, 5 LED pattern rechargeable headlamp built for reliability and convenience day in and day out. Made with an aviation-grade aluminum body, an IPX4 waterproof rating, and a hard anodized finish, this headlamp will perform in any weather conditions and illuminate the entire spread so you can work confidently in brightness. The 160-degree rotating headband mount is exceptionally comfortable to wear with or without a hat, and you can remove the Torch from the headband mount for handheld use by utilizing the pocket clip (included). For outdoorsmen using the Torch for deer hunting or other big game species, approach your hunting grounds confidently in stealth mode with the full powered red light, using their inability to distinguish this color against them.


Multiple LED settings will allow you to adjust your preferred level of brightness based on the situation:

Press lightning button once for brightest setting (run time 3.5 hrs)

Press power button to swap modes:

1 - Center light full power (run time 5 hrs)

2 - Center light 70% power (run time 6 hrs)

3 - Side lights full power (run time 7.5 hrs) 

4 - Side light 70 percent power (run time 9 hrs)

5 - Red full power (run time 7.5 hrs)


The DBI Torch can be powered by multiple battery options: 21700 lithium battery (included), 18650 lithium (adapter included), or 3 AAA alkaline batteries (adapter included). Utilizing the USB-C charging cable (included), you can quickly and conveniently recharge the Torch in no time! With long run times, quick charge times, and built to withstand the elements, let DBI-Torch light the way for you this season!



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