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Insulated Knee Boots

-400G 3M Thinsulate™ Insulation
-Foam midsole for lightweight and added comfort
-Neoprene upper with adjustable back strap

-Aggressive tread pattern
-100% waterproof design
-Scent-free treatment

-Offered in Covert Green and Otter Brown




From shedding sticky mud in wet grain fields chasing geese to keeping your feet comfortable and warm as the temperature drops waiting out mid-season mallards, the DBT400 insulated, waterproof knee boots are the answer!

Guaranteed to keep your feet dry with a 100% waterproof construction, the DBT400 Boots feature ozone resistant natural vulcanized rubber hand laid over 3mm of insulating neoprene, making them more durable, flexible, and lighter than their full rubber counterparts while also minimizing shock absorption and maximizing heat retention. Speaking of heat retention, nothing can ruin a hunt quicker than having cold feet, and in addition to the neoprene liner and warmth fleece fabric, these boots utilize 3M™ 400 gram Thinsulate™ insulation material to keep your feet nice and warm on those chilly days in the field.


Keeping your feet warm and dry is critical, but being comfortable and functional is equally important. You will absolutely love the way the foam midsole forms to your foot for a secure fit while providing cushioning and arch support. The adjustable back strap provides a custom fit for any calf size, making sliding the boots on and off an effortless task in conjunction with the built-in heel spur. In addition, this custom fit keeps the warmth in and the cold out.


The DBT400s are premium hunting boots built with premium materials to keep your focus on the hunt and away from the weather or conditions. The ultra-aggressive tread design will allow you to confidently dominate the most demanding terrain and uneven surfaces while anti-odor technology keeps your boots scent-free, so get after it and make the most of your days in the field this season! Available in Otter Brown and Covert Green.


*All offerings are in men's sizing.



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