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Mallard Duck Silhouette Decoys

(Bags featured in some images sold separately)

What bag do I need for the M1FF MALLARDS?

-Fully Flocked for light absorption 
-Flocked feather detail for added realism and depth
-Super tough plastic material
-One piece, powder coated, spring steel stakes
-Only 4lbs/dozen

-3 drake feeders, 3 drake uprights, 3 hen feeders and 3 hen uprights/dozen

Fully flocked.png


$125/1 dz or $600/5 dz

Set up a full spread in minutes!

We are proud to increase our arsenal of the BEST Mallard silos on the market with the M1FF Fully Flocked Mallards. The quality of these silhouettes has never been seen in the waterfowl industry, ABSOLUTELY zero reflectivity with breathtaking realism and depth! Professional flocking throughout on both sides helps finish birds on those tough days when the lighting, wind or hide is not in your favor. Highly pressured birds have also never seen the likes of these decoys. Top quality adhesive, preparation of adhesion surfaces and durable fibers create a finish that POPS for years of use in the field. Our decoys look like a hungry group of mallards, in full plume, that just hit a fresh cut field. These decoys will fool the wariest, most pressured mallards, as well as other species of ducks. We are confident that our quality will surpass your expectations, guaranteed.


Super tough corrugated material providing increased decoy rigidity. Our corrugated material is custom produced for our application. Each Mallard silo is 4mm thick and tough as nails. High DPI (dots per inch) printing allows for unrivaled image resolution and quality. Images are printed and fully flocked on both sides with equal quality.


The M1FF Mallard silhouette stakes are 20 inches long and are two pronged. They are made from tempered spring steel. Steel will not deform when being inserted into the hardest of soil. For added protection, our stakes are powder coated (not painted) black to eliminate rust and to blend with the decoy and surrounding. Stakes will not fall out of decoys, so no more lost stakes. Lightning fast setup and take down. Our design allows force to be applied to the stake from the top of the decoy allowing direct transfer of force to the ground. Decoy can be grabbed in any location to be removed from your set, translating to the fastest Mallard decoy spread pick up on the market.


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