*Cue James Bond Theme Song* Fast, flashy, and always dressed to kill. It’s time to roll out our latest species to join the ranks, and this one takes his drinks shaken-not stirred. He’s one of the sharpest-dressed birds out there, the Goldeneye- Common Goldeneye. The 007 Goldeneye is going to be a favorite for everyone.  Whether you  loved the old Bond movies, grew up playing the video games, or just flat out love these awesome divers, this catchy design is sure to fit in and grab the attention of people  everywhere. This whistling-winged hero has saved the day for most everyone at least a time or two, and deserves a little recognition, even if your love for them may be Top Secret. 


The quality of this hoodie is top of the line. Warm, yet insanely comfortable 80 cotton / 20 poly blend fleece with 100% cotton face yarn.

007 GOLDENEYE Hoodie, Alpine Green