The Northern Shoveler may be one of the most widely recognized of all the waterfowl species. With its large, spoon-shaped bill, the shoveler is hard to mistake. This bill has comb-like teeth that run the length of the bill and help the bird filter the water without letting small invertebrates and pond weeds escape. Although some waterfowlers give these birds a bad rap because of their diet, many hold a special place in their heart for this bird. The drake’s colorful plumage is as vibrant and impressive as they come. It is because of this flashy color display, and broad “smile” that this bird has recieved one of its most common nicknames, "Hollywood."


When it comes to the look and feel of the iconic trucker snapback hat, this structured, mid-profile tri-color lid fits the bill perfectly! 

HOLLYWOOD hat, Dark Green / White / Heather Grey

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