When the sandhill crane is first seen or heard, it immediately grabs a persons curiosity. These ancient birds are most often compared to pterodactyls when seen on the wing, not only for their size, but also for their unique, dinosaur like movements. The sandhill crane has the second oldest unchanged fossil record of any living bird, dating back 9 million years. With most of these magnificent birds wintering in the southern United States, these birds change their diet from the summer invertebrates of Alaska and Northern Canada, to the grains and seeds of the croplands they call home for the colder months. While they eat almost any grain, they show a heavy preference toward peanuts for their high protein and fat content. For this reason, we excited to introduce you to Mr. Peanut.


When it comes to the look and feel of the iconic trucker snapback hat, this structured, mid-profile lid fits the bill perfectly! 

MR. PEANUT Hat, Heather Grey / Charcoal / Maroon

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