X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers
X-Hale Dog Bumpers

X-Hale Dog Bumpers

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-11" long x 3" wide
-Four breathing vents
-Hourglass shape to encourage center hold
-Natural-feeling foam density
-Non-toxic closed cell foam
-High strength nylon throw rope
-Ball grip rope end for longer throws and compatibility with the Bumper Bomber 4800
-Multiple color options for any training situation (white, orange, and yellow)

Breathe Easy

As a retriever owner, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your dog perform like a rockstar in the field or marsh after all the time and effort that you two have spent training. There will certainly be frustrating days; after all, we can’t read their minds to know why they may not be performing the way we expect them to, but we do know that with consistent hard work and repetition, you are setting the stage for more success and less frustration whenever it’s time for the real show!

A product we have been working on perfecting for a long time, we are excited to release the X-Hale Dog Bumper. With its unique design, this dog bumper will take your retriever's training to the next level. During those off-season training sessions, whenever it becomes nearly impossible to escape the heat, the vents of the X-Hale will allow your dog to breathe easier, meaning less fatigue and improved focus during your training sessions. The hourglass shape will discourage the "cigar hold" by encouraging retrievers to properly center grip the bumper, meaning cleaner deliveries and fewer fumbled bumpers.

The non-toxic closed-cell foam used in the X-Hale bumpers is highly durable and built for years of hard use while still having a natural-feeling foam density for your retriever. Last, but not least, each bumper is assembled with a high strength nylon rope featuring a ball grip and is compatible with the Bumper Bomber 4800, so you will be able to launch your bumper into the next county!

Retrievers are athletes, and the "offseason" is where legends are made. No matter what time of year it is, make the most of your training sessions with the X-Hale Dog Bumpers!


Dogs have limited vision because their eyes possess only two types of cones that can only discern blue and yellow. This limited color perception is called dichromatic vision. Check out our retriever training suggestions below on how to properly utilize the various colors and step up your game with the Dive Bomb Industries Dog Bumpers!

White: It is extremely visible to your retriever, especially against a dark background. White is an excellent choice for running water marks, land marks, pile work, and teaching drills.

Orange: The orange will be highly visible to the handler but will not be visible to your retriever in training scenarios. This is a great color to practice running blind retrieves. Also, once there is plenty of saliva on the bumper or artificial scent, you can use orange in deep cover to help teach a dog to hunt cover and use its nose.

Yellow: This is a highly underutilized color that will be a valuable addition to your retriever training arsenal. Yellow is one of the easiest colors for dogs to distinguish, which makes this color an excellent alternative to use the same way you use your white bumpers but give your retriever a different look. Yellow is a great choice for training on green grass!

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