Blue Goose Decoys


What bag do I need for the S5 (TALL) BLUES?


-TALL 36 inch stakes

-Ultra realistic body paint scheme

-Snap-Locking backbone system

-Zero Memory, spring open sock mouth

-Tyvek sock body 

-100% assembled and ready for use

-No E-clips or O-rings to be lost


$70/dz or $325/5dz or $600/10dz

Lets get lifted.


The best blue goose sock decoy just got a LIFT! Our S5 Blue Goose Socks feature professionally detailed feeder heads and a true to life paint scheme. We have engineered the easiest to use stake system out there. Snap-lock stake/backbone with over-molded nylon provides bullet proof performance in the field. No E-clips or O-rings to be lost here. 100% assembled and ready for use out of the box. Tyvek bodies with painted blue goose feather details means no late nights shaking the paint can.  Engineered from the ground up to offer effectiveness and functionality day in, day out. 


With a spring steel stake we are able to penetrate even the hardest ground with ease. Stakes are a whopping 36 inches long from the top of the handle to tip. Our stake diameter is less than half the size of most decoys on the market. No more fallen decoys and searching for cracks in the field. ANYONE can press these into the hardest of ground. For removal, we have an overmolded, contoured handle integrated into the body post. The body post is accompanied with a painted stainless steel screw to fasten the body to the post. Decoys have a natural feeding bob and will swivel with the wind. 


Each body is hand sewn from Tyvek material. The bodies are 20 inches long with reinforcing grommets where fastened to body post. Most importantly, our socks feature an always open mouth. After storage our sock mouths spring back into an open, round shape ready to take on wind. Grommets are powder coated black and fastened to reinforcing plastic to ensure years of use in the toughest of conditions. Each bag is printed with full color feather details. Paint is UV resistant and matte to eliminate possible glare. Strategically placed drain holes are punched in the bottom panel of each body to eliminate water sag.


These are by far the most user friendly, and client friendly, blue goose socks on the market.



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