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Magnetic Shell Picker

(Accessories featured in some images sold separately)

Shell Shagger / Shell Shagger Jr.
-Rapid release no contact shell ejection system
-Dual high-strength magnets
-Comfort rubberized grip
-Shell Shagger 32
" long for easy pick up without bending over after the hunt
-Shell Shagger Jr. 12" long for ease of storage and pick up in close quarters during the hunt


$40/12 inch or $55/32 inch


Whether you are hunting on land open to the public or private land that generously allows permission, the most important thing we can do as outdoorsmen is to leave the land better than we found it. Far too often, you hear of access being denied due to visitors disrespecting the land by leaving trash lying around.


In general, waterfowlers are good about picking up after themselves, but one thing often forgotten is shotgun shell hulls. These empties were not on the land when you arrived, so there is no reason they should be there whenever you leave.


The Shell Shagger and Shell Shagger Jr. are the perfect solutions for effortless cleanup during or after the hunt. Built with high-strength magnets and a rapid-release shell ejection system, spent shell retrieval has never been easier. The Shell Shagger is 32" in length and a must-have for every trailer or truck bed to ensure you never have to bend over again to pick up another empty after the hunt. The Shell Shagger Jr. is 12" in length and is built to be kept in your blind bag or backpack to keep the area around you tidy during the hunt whenever you are in close quarters and need a shorter alternative to the standard Shell Shagger.


Whether you go with the Shell Shagger, Shell Shagger Jr., or both, you will love how strong these magnets are even when picking up shells in heavy cover, yet how easily they release with a quick pull of the ejection cord! Respect the land and ensure continued access to future hunting opportunities for all.



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