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Ghillie Blanket

-Multiple Shades and textures for added dimension
-Elastic stubble straps for max concealment
-Heavy duty mesh backing and triple stitching
-Integrated viewing port, roll-up buckles and carry strap
-Lightweight and low profile
-Maximum coverage at 55in x 96in
-Multiple color options for different field types (Field Stubble/Tan, Winter Wheat/Green, Plowed Field/Dirt, Snow Blend)

(Kickbacks & gun rests featured in some images sold separately)


The Secret to Getting AMONGST'EM!

Are you tired of feeling exposed while lying in the spread? Are you ready for a lower profile option to a layout blind? The solution is here! The Dive Bomb Stealth Sheet Ghillie Blanket is the perfect tool to take your hide to the next level, and get AMONGST the birds! Getting "amongst'em" is our slang term for getting up close and personal before the boogeyman pops out! As you’ve seen multiple times, we use ghillie material in hunting scenarios to improve good hides, or even make hides where they were previously thought unimaginable, and now you can too!


With multiple shades and textures, this blanket breaks up your outline and helps disguise your shape. Not only that, but with its integrated viewing port, you can clearly see the birds’ every move without having to worry about the infamous “pie-face!” While the ghillie material blends in very well, we all know that camouflage is only a base. We’ve taken the ghillie blanket to the next level in both concealment and versatility by adding our elastic stubble strap system! These straps will help contain your natural cover, and reduce the number of times you’ll have to re-brush mid hunt, allowing you to hunt harder when it really matters! 


The blanket rolls up and is contained by its own buckle and strap system, and also has a carrying strap to make transportation easy! It’s also built to be durable, and features heavy-duty mesh and triple stitching to help it last for seasons to come. When paired with the Kickback, this is a one-two knockout combination that you need in your arsenal! 



Dive Bomb Clipboard

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