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Tree Strap

Timber Strap
- Large anodized carabiner
- Durable Duraflex™ Monster buckles
- 2 Duraflex™ d-rings
- 3 strong steel hooks
- Fits trees up to 96 in. Around
- Weatherproof webbing
- D-rings & Hooks can be rearranged anywhere for o
ptimal placement
-Available in Brown




There is something magical that can’t be explained while standing next to a tree chasing waterfowl. Whether it's barking at public land mallards on a cutdown boot deep in flooded green timber or waist-deep in an old tupelo swamp listening for that monotone kack-kack of a group of gadwalls overhead, this style of hunting presents some challenges. Driving nails into trees not only doesn’t leave room for all your stuff, but it’s also a big no-no that can lead to hefty fines. This is where the Dive Bomb Timber Strap comes in!

With its ability to fit trees up to 96 inches around, you will not have any issues finding the perfect place to stand for the morning show. The weatherproof webbing and durable Duraflex™ monster buckles will ensure your Timber Strap is there to stay once tightened. With three strong steel hooks, two Duraflex™ d-rings, and a large anodized carabiner that can be rearranged anywhere, you can fit multiple hunters’ gear on one strap while placing everything in the optimal position for convenience and access.

The Timber Strap is compatible with Dry-Line items such as the Shell Pouch, Game Strap, Backpack, Blind Bag, and Dry-Bag, so whether you are holding thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment in a Dry-Backpack or your precious pump shotgun and waxed canvas jacket passed down from generation to generation, the Dive Bomb Timber Strap will keep your equipment safe and out of the water.



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