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Layout Field Chair

-Six adjustable positions
-Comfortable closed cell padding
-Cell phone and drink holder
-Zippered Shell Pouch
-Backpack Collapsibility
-Waterproof Fabric
-Kickstand Pocket

(Ghillies & gun rests featured in some images sold separately)



Hunt inside the spread or create "Death From Below", as we like to call it, under our line of S5 (TALL) Socks with the Kickback™ by Dive Bomb Industries. At 20" wide, the days of laying uncomfortably in a field are over! The Kickback is fully adjustable with 6 different positions giving you the ability to adjust to any waterfowling situation you may encounter. Keep yourself low under the socks to avoid detection of fowl circling overhead while being in a perfect position for when the shot is called. Or, sit comfortably in a more upright position, with relaxed and ready arms placed on the padded armrests, while waiting for the birds to lift off the roost. Big fellas need not worry, armrest deployment is optional!

The Kickback was built to handle the elements Mother Nature may throw your way and the chaos that can ensue in those nasty conditions. The waterproof outer material and closed cell padding will ensure that you’re not cold or wet when you have to spend all day lying on the wet or frozen ground. Not only that, the frame is made of rugged powder coated steel to prevent rust for years of use and abuse. Rated for 300lbs. 

The many great features of the Kickback continue with a handy drink holder and shell pouch on the right for quick reloading and a zippered storage pocket on the left to keep your keys, wallet and other valuables safe and secure. Don't forget the elastic phone holder on the inside of the left arm rest to protect your device while gathering birds after a big group does it just right! An additional zippered storage pouch is located on the back side for the Kickstand gun rest or other accessories. Finally, backpack collapsibility with the simple click of a buckle is the cherry on top for the most comfortable and practical layout field chair to ever hit the market.



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