Adjustable Gun Dog Vest

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Dog Vest
-Multi-point adjustable design to fit most dogs
-Flexible dual-lined neoprene material
-High strength velcro
-Cordura edging on velcro areas to increase comfort
-Dual D-rings for easy leash/check cord attachment
-Oversized zipper for quick on/off
-Ergonomic grip carry handle
-Reinforced stitching




Finally, a way to get your best hunting buddy decked out in Dive Bomb gear! The Dive Bomb Dog Vest is the perfect piece of equipment to make sure the two of you can be working together at peak efficiency! With its multi-point adjustable design and high strength velcro, this vest is designed to fit almost any dog out there, large or small. The weight range for optimal fit and performance is 50 lbs. to 90 lbs. All velcro endings are capped in a comfortable cordura, material, and the flexible, dual-lined 5mm neoprene ensures a fit that won’t rub. The vest also features dual D-rings for easy leash and check cord attachment to aide in safety and easy of training! 


Not only is the vest built to make things easier on your dog, but also on you! Tired of messing with small zippers in the cold? Our oversize zipper guarantees no more struggling when your hands are numb and icy. The Dive Bomb Dog Vest also has an ergonomic grip carry handle to make sure there’s no questioning your grip when coming in and out of the boat, or more importantly in a situation when your dog’s safety and well being is on the line. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, the Dive Bomb Dog Vest will change what you have come to expect out of previous vests! 




Dive Bomb Clipboard

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