Jerk Rig System
Jerk Rig System
Jerk Rig System
Jerk Rig System
Jerk Rig System
Jerk Rig System

Jerk Rig System

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-100 feet in length
-Ultra-high molecular polyethylene line
-Floating, heavy-duty ergonomic handle that doubles as a line winder
-Elastic loop to choose the length of the main line
-Fits 4 decoys on 4 pre-tied heavy-duty swivels
-1.5-pound corrosion-resistant steel anchor
-Closed-cell foam lined carry bag that doubles as a secondary rock anchor or pivot point by attaching your decoy carabiner (not included)


Whether it’s perceived motion from a silhouette decoy or the physical motion of a full body or floater, there is no denying that decoy movement is highly effective in fooling wary birds. After all, the goal is to mimic the real thing as closely as possible.

We are excited to add another tool to your floater arsenal with the Dive Bomb Jerk Rig! With 100 feet in total length between 93 feet of ultra-high molecular polyethylene and another 7 feet of encased elastic cord, you won’t have any shortage of line to run from your duck blind to your spread. The elastic loop on the handle allows you to choose the length of your jerk rig main line, so there is no need to worry about any excess line getting in the way. Speaking of the handle, you're going to love the way this modified nylon with EVA foam inserts feels against your hand. The handle floats and also doubles as a line winder for rolling up quick and clean for next time!

This Jerk Rig comes with four pre-tied heavy-duty nickel-coated stainless steel swivels to fit four decoys to provide plenty of movement on the water, while the 1.5-pound corrosion-resistant anchor keeps your rig in the ground. Arguably the coolest feature of this Jerk Rig setup is how the closed-cell foam nylon carry bag doubles as a secondary anchor or pivot point by attaching your decoy carabiner (not included). Often, when running Jerk Rigs from an elevated blind, the cord is not only visible to birds circling above, but it also looks unnatural for the cord to be making a surface disturbance where it enters the water. This additional anchor/pivot point will allow you to run your Jerk Rig straight under the water, so your mainline will no longer be visible while providing movement only to where the decoys are located.

If you have hunted ducks or geese long enough and have experienced the effectiveness of a Jerk Rig, you already know this is a must-have tool in every water hunter's arsenal. The ability to create realistic movement in your decoys while providing bottom disturbance in shallow water or ripples throughout the rest of your spread on those no-wind days is an absolute game changer. Once you experience the difference of using a Jerk Rig, you’ll never go back to hunting water without one!

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