Our Story

We are a direct priced, midwest sporting company striving to supply the world with products that surpass expectations. We boast first class products with an unbelievable price to boot. Do not be misguided by our pricing- the proof is in the pudding. We back our product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Dive Bomb Industries started in 2011 with The Canada Silhouette, which was born from pictures of geese taken in a local park. The images were then printed at a local print shop, adhered to coroplast and the first prototype set was born in our garage in St. Louis, MO. We moved garage prototyping and testing to an initial production run of 500 dozen which were generally sold on Craigslist. 

After the initial run, we doubled down on our order to a total of 1000 dozen. Due to some
unforeseen issues, we unfortunately had to scrap the second run. Good advice led us to swallow our pride, make improvements – enter V2, and produce yet a third run of product. The V2 product was received well and is still a mainstay in our now extensive line of silhouettes.

After Craigslist, we created our first website on Dreamweaver software. This predated the
simple plug and play e-commerce websites and was quite difficult at the time. Our e-commerce,
direct to consumer model, was born here and sales were now coming in from all over the world.
We were a direct-to-consumer model business ahead of its time. We have stayed true to this
model to offer our customers quality products at the most competitive price on the market.

We persistently invest in our new product development and continuous improvement. We were
the first to integrate a through-the-top style of silo stake into our silhouettes, dubbed the
“U-Stake”. Although silhouettes themselves are not new, our stake innovation has been imitated
by countless waterfowl brands since we released it in early 2011. Our product offerings have
continued to evolve over the years, with the original V1 Canada Silhouettes being replaced by
the V2s that we still offer today. The entire line has expanded to include over 200 state-of-the-art
hunting products.

Looking forward, our commitment to growth includes major investments in new product and
media development, inventory, human resources, quality control and ultimately the brand and
the culture surrounding it. Our company culture is one that inspires creativity, personal growth
and a growing workforce. We hope to continue to serve our customers for years to come.