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Current Season:
Late Spring Snows

Make hay while the sun is still shining and follow these birds as far north as you can! Whether it’s the Dakotas or Canada, some of the adults are still around, waiting for the snow line to slowly push north of the breeding grounds. Take advantage of these grain and grass-greedy birds with large adult dominant spreads. Both adult snows and blues set loosely with lots of breeding pairs can seal the deal on even the oldest and wisest of these birds!


EARLY SEASON: Aug 1st - Sep 30

Honkers & Teal

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EARLY FALL: Oct 1st - Nov 15

Honkers, Field Ducks, & Early Specks

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MID SEASON: Nov 16th - Dec 31st

Ducks over Water, Field Honkers, Honkers over Water, & Lessers Inside the Spread

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LATE SEASON: Jan 1st - Feb 13th

Honkers & Late Ducks

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SPRING GEESE: Feb 14th - March 31st

Conservation Snows & Spring Specks

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LATE SPRING SNOWS: April 1st - May 15th

Late Conservation Snows

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WATERFOWL OFFSEASON: May 16th - July 31st

Dog Training & Pigeons

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