F1 Wood Duck Floaters *COMING THIS FALL!
F1 Wood Duck Floaters *COMING THIS FALL!
F1 Wood Duck Floaters *COMING THIS FALL!
F1 Wood Duck Floaters *COMING THIS FALL!
F1 Wood Duck Floaters *COMING THIS FALL!

F1 Wood Duck Floaters *COMING THIS FALL!

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-One piece, ultra tough blended plastic material
-High quality paints for superior retention
-True-to-life size for ultimate realism
-Self-righting weighted keels that provide insanely realistic movement
-4 upright drakes and 2 active hens/6-pack
-Ultra-realistic, aesthetically flawless poses and feather detail

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Woodrow's Drifting Deception 

Since the introduction of our first floater, requests have flooded our inboxes and phone lines for wood ducks. For all of you who reached out and begged for this one, the wait is over! Introducing the F1 Wood Duck Floater. With extremely lifelike color and posture, these stunning squealers are guaranteed to set your spread above the rest! Whether you’re deep in the bottoms or a wood-fringed marsh targeting woodies, or just looking to add contrast and realism to your spread, the F1 Wood Ducks will be the perfect addition to your arsenal.

World Champion Jon Jones handcrafted these beautiful decoys, and the realism and quality will be exactly what you’ve come to expect with the Dive Bomb line of floaters. These decoys are made of a virgin (no re-grind) blend of HDPE and LDPE plastic material. This combination gives these decoys durability unmatched by the competition. Regardless of how you hunt, this decoy can stand up to the abuse!

Each of the four active drakes and two upright hens comes in a pack of six decoys. Our self-righting keels are perfectly balanced, providing insanely realistic movement on the water in the slightest breeze. The best part is that this also means no more throwing out decoys and having to walk out and flip them back over!

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the sport, the F1 Wood Duck decoys will give you the edge you need to experience consistent success. Invest in the best and experience the difference that true-to-life realism can make in your waterfowl hunting journey.