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Waterproof Boots

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-Built tough for nasty environments
-Neoprene and rubber upper construction
-Wide "mouth" for easy slip on
-Heel spur for hands-free removal
-Heavy-duty pull tabs
-Durable and comfortable
-Wet traction non-marking outsole
-Molded footbed
-Offered in 3 colorways (Covert Green, Otter Brown, & Field Tan)





As outdoorsmen and waterfowl hunters, we don’t know what the terrain will be like one day to the next. What we know is that the wet, muddy, and downright nasty conditions you will inevitably encounter while spending time in the great outdoors are no place for footwear designed for smooth surfaces.


We are proud to introduce the Trudge Boot built with aggressive tread, so you can take the conditions out of the equation and only worry about having a successful, DRY day in the field. A completely waterproof design with neoprene and rubber upper construction ensures your feet will stay dry, and the ease of slipping on with our wide "mouth" design will guarantee these are your new go-to boots, whether you are simply taking out the trash after a hard rain or picking up geese after a good volley in a muddy bean field. Rubber boots can be a pain to take off, but not the Trudge Boots; with a built-in heel spur, you can quickly kick them off one after another with ease.


These boots will withstand the wear and tear of demanding outdoor enthusiasts thanks to double reinforced material in the toe and heel. The non-marking outsole of the Trudge Boots allows you to go anywhere with confidence. In addition, a molded footbed provides a cushion for all-day comfort!


There is no doubt that you will be prepared to trudge through any conditions; the only question is which color will it be: Covert Green, Field Tan, or Otter Brown?

*All offerings are in men's sizing.


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